Passive Income Terms

1. How do I earn MOM Coins?

MOM Coins can be earned in 3 major ways from:

  • Completing orders on featured items with coin cashback
  • Participating in activities/ campaigns
  • Gaining likes from your reviews


2. I want to turn my MOM Coins into cash, how to make the withdrawal?

Withdrawal request must be submitted via [email protected]. Please follow the format as below:

Subject: MOM Coins Withdrawal for [Your MOMfluencer ID]

MOMfluencer ID (can be found at My Profile):

Full Name as per IC:

IC No.:

H/P No.:


Bank Name:

Bank Account Holder Name:

Bank Account No.:

MOM Coins Amount to be withdrawn:


3. What is the value of MOM Coins?

1 coin = RM0.01


4. Any withdrawal requirements?

You may submit your withdrawal request once a minimum amount of 50,000 MOM Coins = RM500 is attained.


5. I’ve made my purchases, when will I receive my MOM Coins?

MOM Coins earned from your purchases will only be credited to your account after your order is completed - that is after you have confirmed the receipt of your order.


To confirm the receipt of your order, you may find it at My Order > View Order Details > Click “Order Received?”


6. Other users liked my posts, why I didn’t receive MOM Coins?

System will conclude the total likes you have gained of the day and credit MOM Coins to your wallet on the next day respectively.